an Eye for a tiger plus a Z 7 wins top award

Sergey Gorshkov: ‘Winning [WPOTY] is the ultimate dream for any photographer’

Z 7, NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S, ISO 250, 1/200 sec @ f/6.3

It took Sergey Gorshkov 11 months to make The Embrace, his remarkable shot of an Amur (aka Siberian) tigress hugging a tree in Eastern Russia that was crowned overall winner of Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2020. “A good photo taken with a hidden camera,” he says, “is aerobatics in the world of nature photography. Many things need to be foreseen and taken into account when installing hidden cameras and sensors, and a lot of factors must converge at the moment the shutter is triggered, because the animal hears it and turns its head in the direction of the sound. To avoid this, I installed my Z 7 mirrorless camera in a box. I can turn off the shutter sound and the camera shoots silently, without attracting the attention of animals, and this made my photos look natural.” Winning the world’s premier wildlife competition is important for more than just the person who wins. “In the modern world,” says Sergey, “photography is a powerful tool in the conversation about nature.”



looking ahead

I want to begin by expressing my hope that you and your families are safe and healthy in these difficult times. No one expected the massive impact that Covid-19 is having on society and our professional and personal lives. But also surprising is our ability to adapt to new conditions. In a way, Nikon also went through transition, with big changes in the consumer market. On a positive note, though, that brought us closer to our core audience: you. Dedicated photographers with a true passion for imaging, either hobbyist or professional. The European NPS team is extremely proud to present the Z 6II and Z 7II to you. Although some types of shooting need highly specialised tools, we’re sure these fresh, exciting cameras will surprise and satisfy many Nikon pros. And let’s not forget the excellent Z-NIKKOR lenses, too, the true gems of our line-up. Reason enough to create this ‘mirrorless-only’ edition of Nikon Pro, a clear sign we’re leading the next generation of imaging products and services. Regardless if you’re a DSLR shooter or a Z-system early adopter, NPS will support you, as always. See you in 2021. Take care.


Nikon has released a free Webcam Utility which turns Nikon cameras into fully functioning webcams. The new (beta version) software is compatible with all mirrorless cameras and a range of DSLRs. The utility means users can rely on Nikon’s superior image quality while video-conferencing and live-broadcasting. Cameras are connected to a computer via USB, and the webcam function is activated through a web conferencing app. You can find the utility now at

A new look for Nikon Pro digital

There’s a new home for the digital version of your favourite pro camera magazine. Nikon Pro can now be read whenever and wherever you like on your preferred device, whether smartphone, tablet or computer. Replacing the discontinued app version of the magazine, each new digital issue will be published shortly after the print magazine and include exclusive extras such as videos, more photos and links to photographers’ work and detailed product information. Back issues are also available. You can read it now at