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This top prize winning Z 7 shot deserves a warm embrace, plus the new Nikon Pro website and more

New Kit

z 6II, Z 7II and so much more

All the info on Nikon’s outstanding new mirrorless cameras. Plus the Z 5 and new mirrorless lenses and accessories range and a fantastic new telephoto zoom

Inspiration: Alina Rudya

positive changes

This Nikon ambassador stands up for female travel photographers and all who strive for success

Inspiration: François Lamoureux

born to teach

From schoolteacher to master of the YouTube tutorial: a story of learning through inspiration


‘I seek a deeper connection
to our fragile planet’

A portfolio of magnificent mirrorless-camera work


The other side
of the lens

Optics uncovered with the makers behind them

The Big Issue

the show does go on

First-hand accounts of working in a post-COVID world

First, Last & Next

‘i do not believe in lucky breaks'

Spanish night sky photographer Mario Rubio on lessons learnt and a career made

Editor's Letter


I would guess that most of you reading this are photographers because that’s who you are and not merely what you do to earn money. That both of those functions have been sorely tested by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic has made this year so hard for so many photographers.

On page 46 of this issue of Nikon Pro, half a dozen of your peers explain what they’ve done to survive and in some cases thrive in 2020. Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, their words and ideas are sobering but inspiring. As society adapts to new norms, so does photography. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we can turn to it.

Nikon’s release of the Z 6II and Z 7II are reasons to be cheerful, and we’ve got full details of those benchmark-setting mirrorless cameras, along with new lenses and accessories. Every image in this issue was taken with a Nikon mirrorless camera, and every photographer we spoke to had only good things to say about working with the Z system.

We’d like to know what you have to say about Nikon Pro and how we can make it better for you. We made a reader survey, which you can find online at demographix.com/nikon2020 and we’d be very grateful if you took a few minutes to fill it in.

We also hope that you enjoy the issue, and that you stay safe and well.