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New Kit

behind the D6 and D780

Not one, but two game-changing DSLRs. Plus: three new lenses for the mirrorless range and a fantastic new telephoto zoom

Inspiration: Olga Kravets


The newest member of the NOOR photojournalism collective is an important, innovative storyteller

Inspiration: Joel Marklund

100 per cent focused

A world-class sport photographer’s journey to becoming a pro and and how he balances life to keep his spot at the top

Inspiration: Matthew Joseph

beautiful brands

From ‘yes man’ to master of his own creations, this lifestyle and advertising photographer reveals the story behind his success


Portfolio: ‘Inspiration can come from anywhere’

Ten stories behind ten outstanding shots




You’ve got your footage, now tell your story

The Big Issue


What sports shooters will face when sport resumes

First, Last & Next

‘Challenges are just another step in my life and I’ve learned to appreciate them‘

Slovenian National Geographic photographer Arne Hodalic on his life behind the lens

Editor's Letter


This issue of Nikon Pro was 99 per cent completed when the coronavirus pandemic led to a delay in production. What would have been the Spring issue is now the Spring/Summer issue, and nearly all of the stories in it were written before the world changed. We hope that you, your friends and your families have not experienced the worst that Covid-19 can bring.

Most pro photographers were forced to stop working when the pandemic struck. Many, especially freelance, had some kind of plan in place for when work dried up. Coping with this unprecedented period of little or no work is hard, even for the most well-prepared. We hope, too, that you are dealing with any challenges that have arisen in this regard.

It’s also true that many photographers are using time away from their usual work to sharpen skills or learn new ones, to tackle long-term sidelined tasks, to reassess their archives or even turn the new working conditions to their advantage. We salute any and all of you who have found positives.

Perhaps this issue of Nikon Pro will plant the seed of an idea for a future project or adding a new string to your bow, or simply something to note down and revisit when lockdowns and restrictions are lifted. We hope you enjoy the issue, and that you stay safe and well.